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Homepage of Stuart Gathman

updated July 6, 2015

Stuart's class on Daniel, Historian of the Future finishes in April 2015. Stuart's class on Roman Catholics and Evangelicals had only 4 members in 2002. However, they were very appreciative; most were repeating the class. On September 20, 2002, we tried a different topic with the book Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski. Stuart also enjoys a local Apologetics Club. I have tried to reconcile conflicting reports in the Story of Terri Schiavo.

Check out Jonathan's Web Page, as well as A Musical Offering and Mindi's Web Page!

Literary Efforts

Runaway Horses! (Vignettes)

Cute writing exercises from homeschool days. How I miss them.
  • The Day I Gave Up Galloping, by Mindy Gathman
  • Off to the Ball, by Mindy Gathman
  • Cabin Camping, by Mindy Gathman
  • How to Dress a Two-and-a-half-year-old, by Mindy Gathman
  • Dance Technique, by Mindy Gathman
  • Essays by our own Jewish Uncle and Friends

  • Dr. Eliyahu White gave his reasons for voting Republican in fall 2000.
  • A Bloody House, by Dr. Eliyahu White
  • Hester Panim, by Ammi ben Hoshea
  • Israelis and the Jewish Tradition, by Ammi ben Hoshea
  • Reports

  • Scott's Bilbo "I feel thin and stretched" diet: Deep End
  • Winter 2004 Reports, by Gathman and McClatchey Children
  • Book Reviews

    Book reviews from homeschool days - including from the teacher!
  • Orthorexia Nervosa, book review by Julie Gathman
  • The Ordinary Princess, book review by young Melinda Gathman
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, book review by young Melinda Gathman
  • Stories

    It was amazing how talented the girls were at telling stories at an early age!

    Stories by Older Children

  • NEW! All Quiet on the Asphalt Front, a parody of All Quiet on the Western Front by Gail Gathman
  • The Lie, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • Gargantua, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • Chuck, a short story by Gail Gathman
  • A New Life, Chapter one of a serial adventure by Laura Beth Gathman
  • Tomorrow, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman
  • Escaping the Tears, historical fiction by Melinda Gathman
  • Stories by Very Young Children

  • Gotchi, by Gail Victoria Gathman
  • Sam who Loved to go Fishing, and other Stories, by Laura Beth Gathman
  • Pray for Little Things, by Lauren Gathman
  • Stories by Adults

  • The Law the King Wished He Hadn't Made , by Stuart D. Gathman
  • Poems

    By older children

  • NEW! Two poems, by Gail Victoria Gathman
  • Giving into Temptation, by Laura Beth Gathman
  • By adults

  • Morning Mountain, by Stuart D. Gathman
  • Thanksgiving, by Stuart D. Gathman
  • Musical, Culinary, and Other Efforts

    A Musical Offering, by Stuart Gathman

    Gathman History


  • Camp Hebron Baked Oatmeal
  • Johnny Cakes
  • Crispy Waffles
  • Easy Macaroni and Cheese
  • Quick Hot Cocoa
  • Smoothies
  • Strawberry Glacé Pie
  • Chewy Peanut Granola Bars
  • Photos

  • Feb 6, 2010 storm webcam at Gathman home
  • Baby Pictures
  • The Virginia Gathmans have a new cat.
  • Programming

  • Linux on a Sony Laptop, technical journal by Stuart Gathman
  • See my online resume for some of the useful things I've done at work. (Ignoring the many hours of useless drudgery.)
  • Treacherous Computing Warning

    If you use Apple or Microsoft products, your computer has already been hacked by design. While previous versions of Microsoft Windows have had some advantages to offset the problems, the new licensing and Digital Restrictions Management (called Digital "Rights" Management by some) features in Windows XP and Vista make it truly a force for evil. Microsoft calls their new DRM "Trusted Computing", but it is actually Treacherous Computing. Microsoft applications with DRM (currently only Windows Media Player in XP), among other things, delete banned documents on demand. Microsoft Word is next to get the DRM treatment, and I hope you can understand the implications enough to shudder (remote global censorship). One reason why Vista is so much slower than XP is the additional work done by the OS to enforce new and stricter DRM.

    The whole point of DRM is to prevent you viewing or playing Music, Video, or documents that you are not allowed to (by encrypting the data), even when you have "bought" the media. When you "buy" DRMed media, you haven't really bought it. You are only renting the privilege of viewing it - which the owner can take away at any time. For example, when suckers bought DRMed NFL video, they were able to watch it for a few months. Then NFL decided to change their DRM keys. No more views (unless you "buy" it again). Then there is the guy who made the mistake of tying class notes to a DRMed copy of '1984'.

    If you have Windows applications that you can't replace, stay with earlier versions of Windows if you possibly can (of course, this will mean you can't read documents produced by later versions). Better, don't use Windows. A very popular Linux distrubution is Ubuntu. I myself use Fedora Linux. Both run on the same hardware as Windows (except for some WinModems and other hardware with secret interfaces - another Microsoft Evil).

    One of my coworkers uses an Apple PowerMac. MacOS uses more expensive (but superior) hardware. It also has DRM, and all apple products keep a permanent forensic record of all files downloaded by any application. Encryption features offered by Apple include a back door allowing Apple to decrypt (in response to a court order, for instance).

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